14-Day Item Hold

To manage our warehouse inventory, all unpaid personal purchase items will be held for 14 days. We will notify you when your item arrives, and staff will follow up after 7 days of holding the item. If the unpaid item(s) remains unclaimed after the 14-day hold, the item will be returned to stock where it will be available for purchase by another customer.

Return/Exchange Policy

Uniform Works Limited will return/exchange purchased items within 30 days of purchase with receipt from customer or if the available receipt can be found by staff. All items for return/exchange must be in new condition and unworn with original tags attached. Footwear will not be accepted for return or exchange if worn outside; please test your footwear in a clean environment to ensure proper fit. Items deemed damaged from normal wear and tear or from improper use of the item will be deemed non-refundable.

Please note the following:

- We cannot offer exchanges/returns for any special ordered items (items not considered regular stock)

- We cannot offer exchanges/returns on items that are altered to a custom fit.

We cannot offer exchanges/returns on pants hemmed below a 29" inseam.


Items considered defective caused by the supplier manufacturing will be handled through the warranty process provided by each individual supplier. Exchanges and refunds by warranty will be determined after the process is complete.

One round trip sending and return of postage will be at the expense of Uniform Works Limited in the event of defective merchandise, administrative error by Uniform Works Limited staff, or return of product. All other inquiries will be at the expense of the customer unless otherwise specified.


Uniform Works Limited can provide in-store tailoring services and alterations. Garments brought to the store for alterations will only be accepted if they are laundered and/or new. Soiled garments with pet hair, stains, strong or unpleasant odors, etc. will not be accepted and returned to the customer for cleaning.


All uniform fittings are by appointment only. Please contact us to schedule your fitting by phone or email. If you cannot make your scheduled appointment, please call to reschedule at your earliest convenience